Tired of price comparisons, declining margins and being controlled by the heavy brand manufacturers?

The solution may be to create your own private label brand “PLB”

Our mission is to: “Through high service and security be your long-term and independent partnership supplier throughout the whole PLB process”

This means that we can help with everything from developing your private label strategy, from creating the brand to design, develop and deliver finished products, meaning a Complete Provider. We have a wide network of quality and affordable manufacturers, both in Asia and Europe within the building materials and bathroom industry. In addition, extensive experience in brand building on the Nordic market.

Private label brands “PLB” has been around a long time, and mainly in food retail with ICA as an example. At first, the “PLB” usually positioned itself as the cheapest option but nowadays there are private labels in all price levels from cheap to premium. PLB will have a significant share of trade in the future.

Some of the benefits of PLB are:

  • reduced competition
  • greater freedom and flexibility in pricing
  • higher margins resulting in higher profits
  • greater control over product characteristics and quality
  • no need to to pay for the producer’s marketing costs
  • creative value

Contact us to find out more about how you can succeed with your private label venture.